Fashion is not Just About Clothing it is About You

Fashion is not Just About Clothing it is About You

Fashion is a term that defines the personality of an individual. On the other hand, it can judge people within minutes.


No, it's not that scary. Yes, we all believe we shouldn't care what people say about us.

But our belief is why they should give us a second thought.

Why should I become a funny joke for their tea time? I want it to be good when people talk about me, and if only we could trust me and make that impression with our good fashion sense.

What is fashion?

Is it about the brand?

Is it about expensive clothes or jewelry?

The answer is no.

Fashion is about creating things in a certain way - yes, it includes behavior, comfort zone, way of doing something, and representation of a personal character. Or we can say that it can become the center of attraction.

Fashion can be said to be a way to make yourself stand out in a big crowd.

Fashion is not in clothes. It is in the sky or on the street. Style is like doing something with your ideas and leading you to live happily.

I am afraid I have to disagree that wearing only brands and expensive clothes will make you very good at dressing or fashion sense. Sometimes it can be but not always. It becomes your personal style if we know how to carry ourselves according to our body type or figure.

"Fashion can buy style. One must have it" - Edna Woolman Chase.

Fashion sense has two natures – good and evil.

A good fashion sense will enhance your image with maturity and dignity, and a bad one will harm your self-confidence.

Fashion sense is an essential factor in building your confidence in the crowd. Confidence is a factor in introducing your unique talent to people. Both are linked, and if you lose one, you lose the game.

Dress in your comfort, and wear things that suit you and your personality, because if you run into the crowd with your blind eyes, you can't be funny.

Read the words of Vivienne Westwood,

"If you wear clothes that don't suit you, you become a fashion victim. You should wear clothes that look good.

So fashion is just a word, and we are the ones who create the real meaning for it.

It is our responsibility to create the correct meaning of fashion which has the essential qualities of confidence in an individual, vitality, cause of happiness, and setting an example for society.

So it's your choice whether you want to be the brand or the first copy.

What does fashion mean to you? Share your thoughts here in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you.

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