When Fashion Started

Fashion designing is a robust industry, spread all over the world. The term can be defined as creating attractive clothing but has been extended to accessory design.

The first signs of fashion creation can be found in Egypt and the Roman Empire, where clothing made a difference between rich and poor. Over time, the concept changed and evolved into fashion design as we know it today.

These were just the beginning as things changed drastically in the 20th century. The masses welcomed the idea of ​​modern fashion forced by the growth of the entertainment industry. Movies and music gave new inspiration to people. Thanks to new fabrics made from synthetic materials, clothes are cheaper. Today's modern technologies allow access to fashion inspirations and entertainment sites such as topcasinobetting.net, for example.

Roman era

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In Roman times, clothing was considered a status symbol. Only nobles wore expensive and stylish clothes. Poor people didn't have money for good clothes, so there was a difference between them. Clothing is a way to show a person's status and wealth. In Roman times women wore a long dress called a stola, the design of which is very similar to today's clothing. Men wore a cloth called a toga on their bodies. This garment was worn as a symbol of Roman citizenship.

Ancient Egypt

Egyptians wore clothes made of linen, which was the perfect material for hot weather. They used to wear different colors and jewels to show their status. Women wore ankle-length dresses regardless of their social status. Upper-class women wore pleated skirts, and men wore kilts.

Egyptians loved jewelry so much that they were buried with their favorite pieces in their tombs. They believed that they would use these in the Hereafter. Even poor people wore as much jewelry as they could afford.

Middle Ages

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The design of clothes made a difference between rich and poor. For example, rich women wore layered dresses. Anglo-Saxon clothing consisted of belted ankle-length tunics for both men and women. In the 14th century, things changed, and women wore full-skirted gowns.


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During the Renaissance, fashion became very important. Following King Henry VII's footsteps, the nobility spent much money on clothing. Clothing reflected people's social class, while the middle class strove to emulate the aristocracy.

Beginning of modern fashion designing

The first sewing machine was invented in 1790, bringing many new opportunities. Garments can be produced in less time using less labor than hand sewing.

The beginnings of fashion design can be seen in 1826 when Charles Frederick Worth laid the foundation for what would become a successful career.

Because of his work, he is considered the world's first fashion designer. Until then, people saw dressing as an act of status. No one thinks that it shows their style, the mindset of today's society. This pivotal moment brought about mainstream fashion design as we know it today. Charles was a draper who lived in Paris and later owned a fashion house. She was advising her clients on what clothes would look flattering on their bodies.

Design houses started looking for artists who could use their creative skills to create patterns for sewing garments. Then, it's shown to potential customers to see if they like it. This significantly changed the working process as they would only show the finished garments.

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