Why Fashion is Important for the Youth of Today

Why Fashion is Important for the Youth of Today

What is your fashion style, and what does it say about you? How important is fashion to teenagers? What is the average amount a teenager spends on their wardrobe? What are some styles associated with different social groups? How much can you tell someone's character from the clothes they wear?

Civilization is everywhere. Fashion matters to people who love the latest styles and expensive wardrobes. Teens can dress up. Leather, silk, and suede mean "I pay a lot to look good." Not all teenagers are interested in dressing fashionably; Some people dress comfortably or casually but are less expensive than those fashion-conscious people.

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their clothes. People who wear expensive clothes and matches from head to toe will attract fashionistas. If one dress elegantly, he is casual in his style. If a person dresses sloppily or wears clothes that don't match, his attitude can be viewed negatively.

Some teenagers spend $200 to $300 a month on clothes, and that's fine with them. I'm more into being neat and prefer casual wear to not overdoing things. Nicolette Magnuson HD Woodson

I judge what they wear because I find that clothes reveal a great deal about a person; What kind of music do people like, what kind of mood they are in, what type of personality they have.

Some are obsessed with fashion and style and endlessly shop through fashion magazines. Then others are indifferent to fashion. They think of clothing as covering the body and keeping warm. However, most of us fall somewhere between these two extremes.

I attend a school that requires uniforms, and I am very grateful. Deciding what to wear on the weekends is a pain for me. I spend about $1500 a year on my wardrobe -- a figure that would be higher if I didn't go to a school that required uniforms. MARIME' Subramanian visits Georgetown

Fashion is an essential part of a teenager's daily life. In public high schools, fashion is vital to creating individual "attitudes." peer pressure has decided today's fashion trends -- everyone thinks that whatever one has, it must be popular.

Teenagers spend much money on their wardrobes. Some teenagers spend $600 to $1000 on a piece of clothing such as a jacket. But it all depends on the individual.

Today, the drug trade has allowed many young men and women to purchase expensive clothing that they would not usually be able to afford. Other teenagers try to copy these styles so as not to become outsiders. On the other hand, some teenagers choose to express themselves by wearing whatever they like. Clothes can say a lot about an individual; They can be said to be strong, independent, and different.

I like to buy nice clothes. I'm not very trendy, but I believe in some of the latest fashions. I am an individual, but my clothing style says I like nice things. Kerry Brown Eastern

Teenagers pay more attention to their wardrobes. That's how they get their boyfriends and girlfriends. Most schools select a girl and a boy for "best dressed" to be included in the yearbook. All students try to dress nicely.

The average teenager spends more than they can afford on clothes -- about $3,000 a year. I pay $4000 to $5000 a year on my wardrobe. Some styles students like to wear to school include sweat suits, jeans, green and gold, and casual wear.

You can't tell much about someone by their clothes. Some people think they have much money if they have expensive clothes. That is not true. I wear expensive clothes, and I'm broke. I have no fashion style; I wear what I want to wear and what I can afford. Salah Benson Spinkern

Fashion is an expression of a person's character. How to express yourself is something that comes from within. Many adults believe that all teenagers share expensive tastes beyond their control, but I think this is not true.

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