Will Fashion Designers be Needed in the Future

Will Fashion Designers be Needed in the Future

Only a select few are creative and bold enough to choose a career in fashion design in India. If you are among those few, exciting and colorful (literally) opportunities await you. But before we get into what the life of a fashion designer is like, let's first assess its purpose, the career opportunities, and why a diploma in fashion design is something you should consider now.

Future of Fashion Designing in India:

The future scope of fashion designing in India is not limited to India. However, with your creativity and experience, you can get job opportunities.

The Indian fashion industry is estimated to be around $108 billion and is expected to grow 2-fold by next year to approximately $223 billion. Another encouraging factor is that consumers spend about 6% of their income on clothing. While Covid-19 has disrupted the market as it has done to various industries, the sector still offers promising opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in it. Demand will continue in a large country like India, even if trends decline. Fashion in India is very versatile, defined by different cultures, traditions, and sometimes western trends. The industry is vast as there are unlimited opportunities for various skill sets. Fashion design and technology is one of the most lucrative careers you can take up.

Fashion designing can be a challenging profession, cutthroat competition, and you always have to be on your toes to reach the top. Purpose doesn't limit you to India. It takes you all over the world. Of course, the pay is pretty good if you are creative and manage your time well. Additionally, trends change sometimes in the blink of an eye, so you should always keep yourself updated in the industry. So, what's in it for you?

How to Build a Career in Fashion Designing:

There may be an intrinsic reason why you want to pursue fashion design. Looking outward and searching within yourself, what are you best? Maybe you have a wonderful sense of matching colors and patterns, your doodles are mostly ideas for clothes, you are good at styling clothes, or you have a good understanding of clothes and textiles. You can use your core strengths in your future career, and countless options exist. Roughly, you can choose one of the following careers:

Fashion designer - One of the most ambitious career options of all. A fashion designer cooks up new ideas based on the world's latest trends. Concepts and designing clothes are what they mainly do. If you are someone who can dream up creative ideas and is always up to date with what is happening in the industry, then you may want to opt for this path.
Fashion Illustrator – As the name suggests, a fashion illustrator draws a fashion designer's ideas on paper and computers. You will work closely with designers to bring their ideas to reality. If you want to pursue this career, you must be good at painting and illustration.
Fashion Stylist – What fashion designers and illustrators design, stylists render them beautifully. They wear make-up, accessories, hairstyles, and plans and take care of everything to ensure the model looks stunning. It would be best if you had a great sense of style and be nifty with accessorizing to shine on this path. This career is in high demand, and you will work with models and travel worldwide.
Fashion Consultant – Fashion consultants help individuals choose their style based on their figure, personality, and appearance. To go this route, you need to know the industry trends and basics of fashion designing.
Fashion Director – A fashion director manages fashion companies or houses and directs fashion shows. They should comprehensively understand the industry and have excellent research and network skills to run events successfully. Apart from this, consumer behavior and advertising.

Fashion Merchandiser – Self-explanatory. This role involves you selling and marketing their products to fashion companies. To fulfill this role successfully, you must not only know the past, present, and future trends but also understand the ups and downs of the business. If you are a multi-tasker, this role will suit you.

While these broad categories fall on the spectrum, different professions support these more significant and glamorous roles. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, it can help to pursue internship/assistant positions early in the career to gain a deep practical understanding of the fashion world work.

It's okay if you don't figure it out early on. Not everyone does, but that's where your diploma or formal studies in fashion design can help you.

Degree/Diploma in Fashion Designing:

Apart from your natural aptitude in fashion designing, a degree or diploma will help you get a foothold in this field. It would be best if you were qualified from a recognized institution. Usually, after completing your 10 +2 education, you can choose whether to do a full-time degree or part-time certificate course. Courses available at degree level or above. Make sure to explore the available options. For someone confident that a bit of experience and a short span of study will blow you away, many certificate courses are offered by many reputed institutes across India for you to pursue.

Whatever direction you choose, remember to play to your strengths and lean into your style and eye for detail. But, more importantly, learning to manage other essential skills needs to be improved. Management, software, and soft skills are necessary to succeed in this line.

A diploma or degree will structurally teach you the history of fashion design, the hard skills required by the fashion industry, and several practical programs that will enhance your skills and prepare you for your career.

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