It's Time To Allow Men To Express Themselves Via Fashion

It is Time To Allow Men To Express Themselves Via Fashion

I recently developed a fascination with jewelry. Their stand is, "It is not right for men to wear ornaments." after much deliberation and constantly going back and forth, I finally mustered up the courage to ask my parents to buy me a ring for my 18th birthday. To no one's surprise, my desire was met with much backlash.

The fashion choices of the youth have changed significantly over time. Freed from dated stereotypes and social stigmas, they dared, experimented, and tried to express themselves through their clothes. Despite the new approach to fashion, men's whimsical and daring choices are still frowned upon by a large section of our society and often ridiculed.

The belief that aesthetics and men do not mix is ​​prevalent. Most of our society believes jewelry should be reserved for women, while clothing should be relegated to men. According to them, men don't need to wear flashy clothes.

Men have a limited wardrobe choice, but their hairstyle options are also limited. Men prefer their hair short and not dyed. I experienced this myself in middle school when, out of a need to cover up my graying hair, I started dying my hair black. The look of denial was disconcerting.

A similar story continued when I decided to grow my hair. However, this time, things got out of hand very quickly. In addition to disapproving looks, I was also subjected to inappropriate comments about the length of my hair.

Although there is more awareness now, there is a fundamental need for change. With new aesthetics, trends, and designs, the youth are leading the way for change. There are no strict rules, and as they explore further, it's only natural that their fashion choices reflect the results.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence affect most younger men. Lacking a defined fashion identity, these young people will do more harm in the long run because they will always need to figure out what suits them best. Being prevented from exploring the nuances of fashion can prevent them from exploring their true selves and lead to insecurities about who they are.

Small compliments from society can go a long way to ease this problem. Instead of looking down on their choices, people should appreciate the effort they put in. A word of praise will go a long way in boosting their confidence significantly.

The world is constantly evolving. It's time society learned to embrace the differences that make us who we are. Allowing men to express themselves through fashion is vital to our community.

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